Who we are

Voskuijl & BosnakWieger and Ellen Voskuijl-Bosnak. Wieger P. Voskuijl is a 38-year old pediatrician (MD, PhD). Ellen M. Bosnak (MD) is 36-years old and is currently finishing her psychiatric residency. They have three children: Mees (10), Pop (6) and Jaap (3).


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To support Doctors For Malawi please use PayPal (link) or use our international bank account information below: ABN AMRO bank
Address: Velperweg 37, 6824 BE Arnhem, NL
Acccount number:
IBAN: NL60ABNA0554122359

Help Us Help Them

We need your help. Because our project is small and hands-on, costs are extremely low. Your financial support will help us help them. Your money will bring about a brighter future for the lives of people in Malawi.

Two Dutch doctors are heading to Africa to help the Malawians, but need your help first.

We, Wieger (pediatrician) and Ellen (psychiatrist) are a married couple from the Netherlands. We are planning to go to Malawi to address the dire needs of Malawians and their healthcare in three concrete, hands-on ways. First, we will provide essential basic physical and mental healthcare. Second, we will educate future Malawian medical professionals, to lift the standard of care. Third, Wieger will participate in, and guide local clinical research to advance the state of medical knowledge in malnutrition, a WHO defined worldwide problem (UN millennium goal 4).